But there are things adults do that we wanted to avoid.


A lot of wine media tells you more about the rich internal life of the author than it does about the winemaker. We wanted to avoid that. A lot of wine media makes you not want to drink wine. We definitely wanted to avoid that.

Instead we wanted to share something that translates to pleasure. To excite your curiosity. To spark a taste for something new.

The easiest way to do that was to tell a story straight from the winemaker’s mouth. We set our sights west, on California, with the intention of eventually moving east to Europe, purely through word of mouth. Sort of like rewinding Manifest Destiny by emptying a bottle of wine over a tape recorder. Glou glou glug glug.

California is a strange place.

I once heard an eighty-year-old remark that she would never move to SoCal because time moved so fast there she’d be dead before she knew it. We’re in a drought and it sometimes seems like the only liquid here is the face of a clock, melting.

Wine seemed like the proper medicine. At the very least it would make the journey more pleasurable. When we started traveling from November 2016 (the day before the world changed), back to Spring 2015, forward to post-election California, we quickly realized our children’s book narrative was devolving. This was becoming NSFW, and we were left holding the pieces, Memento-style, looking for Post-its on dingy bathroom mirrors and tattoos on our chests. We were speeding on a torpedo to the dark heart of America, as if Hunter S. Thompson were suddenly reborn to explain the world through wine.

Then we landed back where we started, in LA, a desert and now a sanctuary city, talking to Egon of Now-Again Records. He was bringing it full circle. Wine and music-making have withstood political upheaval for centuries. Grapes, like music, often suffer to produce great art. We just gotta keep fighting the good fight.

The thrill of the chase starts with the first taste. Now that’s something any kid could get behind.

—Los Angeles, CA. September 2017